Hattusa Vacation Thermal Club Kazdagları

Vacation Thermal Club Kazdağları

History, nature, health and peace will accompany you.

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Hattusa Vacation Thermal Club Ankara

Vacation Thermal Club Ankara

With the historical thermomineral waters, Superstitious Hattusa Vacation Termal Club Ankara. Lighten your life, refresh your soul, Hattusa Vacation Thermal Club Ankara which is shaped for you in detail.

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Hattusa Vacation Thermal Club Erzin

Vacation Thermal Club Erzin

We invite you to Erzin's healing thermomineral waters for a holiday nested with history, sea and nature.With a team of experts in the field, our service facility offers the opportunity to take holidays.

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Hattusa Vacation Thermal Club Bolu

Vacation Thermal Club Bolu

Hattusa Vacation Thermal Club Bolu is looking forward to hosting you in a special area where you will find all the shades of green and refresh your soul in the lake waters. We are trying to bring health to health and provide better service to you.

Hattusa Vacation Thermal Club

Physical Therapy Medical Center

Zero risk with conscious treatment.

Physiotheraphy; Heat, light and water exercises, electric current, mechanical stimuli. It includes treatments with physical methods such as exercises. The disease is treated with devices penetrating deep into the body. If applied consciously, there is no side effect or risk of harm to the body.



As Hattusa. Although the mind is primarily a circuit holiday and thermal, In fact we do not regard Hattusa as just a holiday resort or just a thermal hotel. We define Hattusa as suited to the 21st century and advanced living center where both the treatment / cure and the holiday dimension coexist.


Hattusa A.S. with an investment in health tourism, Hattusa A.S. is an investment of our Company. Our company is the most important group of Turkey that has been working on geothermal energy resources for 25 years, dominating geothermal power and getting its power from water.

Turkey is one of the most important sources of renewable natural energy resources, geothermal energy source is in 5th place in Europe and 7th in the world. The work we have done to bring our geothermal energy resources to the national economy is being carried out through the Turkish Geothermal Energy Resources Research and Evaluation Foundation (JEVAK), which we are the founders of and who are running presidency. Efforts are being made to encourage investments related to the subject.

When it is thermal, the springs and illusions come to mind. It is buried, but we do not take advantage of geothermal energy resources only in the sense of spa. Geothermal energy sources are an integrated type of energy and they are used in many areas, from city heating to greenhouse, from greenhouse to aquaculture, in particular electricity generation in proportion to temperature and saturation. Thermal tourism, which is the last circle of the chain is being utilized with the aim of health.

Hattusa Vacation Thermal Club

Asagi Ovecler Mahallesi 1324.Cad. No:63

Cankaya / ANKARA